Biotic Water Solutions P. Ltd.

Operation Management

At Biotic Water Solutions P. Ltd, we render services for operation & maintenance of all system like Sewage Treatment Plant, Compact Sewage Treatment Plant, Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant, Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant, STP’S, Effluent Treatment Plant, Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis System, RO System, Mobile Water Treatment Plant, Activated Carbon Filter, Iron Removal Filter, Sand Filter, Softening Plant, Softener, D M Plant, Swimming Pool Filtration, etc. As well, we also provide Water treatment systems on lease or rent.

  • Mobile Water Treatment Equipment For
    • Clarification, deionization, electro deionization, electro coagulation filtration, micro filtration, softening & reverse osmosis of waste water.
    • Cleaning, recycling & treating boiler feed water, domestic water, drinking water, industrial water, process water, sea water & wastewater.
    • Capabilities include arsenic removal, heavy metal removal & lead removal.
  • Types Of Filters
    • Biological Filters
    • Under Drain Clean Water Filters
    • Iron & Manganese Filters & Membrane Filters
  • Types Of Storm Water Treatment Systems
    • Non-drinking water treatment systems
    • Residual analyzers
    • Liquid feed systems
    • Biological filters
    • Wastewater treatment systems
    • Water & wastewater analyzers & tertiary treatment systems
  • Arsenic Removal Water Treatment System Features
    • Dry filtering media
    • Continuous operation
    • Low residual effluents
    • Re-pumping not required
    • No moving parts & small footprint