Biotic Water Solutions P. Ltd.

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

We are known for making available the high performance Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant. We are one of the most trusted Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in New Delhi, India. The Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant that we excel in, consist of systems that treat the waste water through aerobic biological treatment. In some of the Mobile Sewage Treatment Plants, conventional aerobic plant combines with membrane bioreactor (MBBR) aerobic biological treatment process to obtain fresh water from the wastewater. The MBBR system in the plant is used for replacing and augmenting the capacity of existing wastewater treatment systems on an interim basis. It is a containerized system consisting of equipments like process pumps, valves, instruments and controls. Programmable logic controller is used for controlling the entire system.

Raw Material Used : Mild Steel

Special Feature : Mobility


  • Domestic waste
  • Sewage