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Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

We have created repute for ourselves as Compact Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in New Delhi, India. Our Compact Sewage Treatment Plants are designed as per the industry’s set norms and conform to the international quality standards. The Compact Sewage Treatment Plants can be availed in different specifications from us.

  • Easy handling / Transportation : The package STP has dimensions similar to that of standard containers. It can therefore be easily crane mounted on to a standard truck trailer and then can be shifted to site / new site as and when required.
  • Easy Hook Up / Start UP : The inlet raw sewage pumped discharge line is to be flange connected to the inlet flange of the packaged STP. The treated sewage discharge line can be flange connected to the outlet flange of the package STP and treated discharged to disposal by gravity meeting all required treated quality parameters. The incoming electric cable is to be terminated into the electric panel after which the package STP is ready for start up and operation.
  • Easy Erection / Commissioning : The factory fabricated package STP can be erected and commissioned at site within a short time in the presence of a single technician / commissioning supervisor
  • Low Space requirement : The package STP offered is extremely compact and the space requirement is nominal. It is therefore easily the preferred choice for those applications where space is a constraint.
  • Easy Operation : The package STP will operate by itself requiring minimal attention from the plant operator. Timers will be provided in the electric panel, so that equipments in operation such as pumps and air blowers automatically interchange every 4/8 hours. Sludge re-cycling from the secondary clarifier to the aeration tank is not required. Settled and thickened sludge wasting from the bottom of the secondary clarifier to the sludge tank can be carried out using air lift pump or by gravity once a day only. Day to day laboratory analysis is not required.

Raw Material Used
  • Mild Steel
  • PVC
  • CI

  • Domestic waste
  • Sewage

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